Our services

We design the structures you need together, from concept project stages to Modeling Services.

Project Creation, Planning and R&D Study

We carry out the necessary analyzes on a project-specific basis to ensure that the projects attract attention in both the national and global markets. With the analysis details made by our expert team, we determine the road map that will bring your projects to the target in the most effective way.

Legal Consultancy Services

Thanks to the legal support we provide, we complete all transactions regarding your real estate investments, such as property research, loan eligibility and reconciliation texts, without any errors and as soon as possible.

Creating Payment Plans

As Al Proje Pazarlama, we prepare the best payment plan for real estate, such as offices and residences, according to your budget, with the support provided by our expert team.

Citizenship Procedures

For those who want to benefit from citizenship by investing in real estate in Turkey, we manage the entire process on your behalf, including preparing the necessary documents and making applications.

Sales and Marketing Management

With our sales and marketing service, we manage this process efficiently, including activities such as creating target audience profiles, location and market analyses, including competitor analysis.

CRM Management

As Al Proje Pazarlama, we are able to create value for our customers with CRM management service and increase the image and prestige of their brands accordingly and ensure that you take the right steps in this regard.

Location R&D Study

By performing location-based analyzes in the most effective way for you in your real estate investments, we determine the advantages and disadvantages of the relevant location in advance and make plans in this direction.

Project Launch Management

We prepare promotional projects to increase the image and prestige of your brand with the launch organizations we prepare. The interaction we create with our launch activities directly affects the success of your projects.

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